Imran Husain

President / Sales Engineer

Imran Husain brings more than 40 years of experience in the boiler-burner industry. He started working in his family’s boiler manufacturing plant at 17. During his career, he has worked in manufacturing, engineering, service and product sales, and he now functions as a manufacturer’s representative and technical consultant. His expertise in the field is unparalleled. He is also multi-lingual, which has allowed SAI Global to expand its reach by supplying American-made products around the world.

Outside of work, Imran loves spending time with his wife of 25 years and two children in the heart of Orange County. Imran works hard so that his family has every opportunity and happiness in life. With his children, he likes teaching the family dog, Piper, tricks and playing racquetball. Imran’s long-standing passions include knowing the ins-and-outs of the boiler trade and connecting to his inner rock star by jamming out on his drum set. Most of all, Imran enjoys researching the history and design of classic European cars.

Imran is dedicated, loyal and progressive in all affairs, whether it is business or familial. His experience and success in the trade prove a complete understanding of and commitment to the boiler-burner industry. Welcome to SAI Global Equipment Sales!

Michael Bowman

Sales Consultant

Michael Bowman has been working with the SAI Global team as a Sales Consultant since November 2014 and brings dynamic problem-solving skills, fresh ideas and innovative thinking to the company. Currently, he is assisting with everything from web development and business operations to technical sales and lead development. He previously worked for four years in operations management at S. R. & B. Boilers, Inc., a boiler service and maintenance company.

Michael has spent the previous 18 months proving his competency for the more technical aspects of the industry, particularly system design and implementation. His ability to dissect and offer sound advice on projects makes him an invaluable resource on any project, often identifying overlooked information and details.

Michael enjoys traveling and has spent considerable time exploring Europe, North Africa and the Americas. His affinity of the mountains has led him toward an opportunity to climb Mt. Hood, outside Portland, in May 2016.